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What a bright idea - When SMART technology holds the answers

Monday, October 02, 2017

SMART technology, particularly within the lighting industry, is often thought of as unreliable and expensive.

While this may have been the case a few years ago SMART technology is now a very increasing feature of lighting projects.
Recently Pearl Fitout required a dimming system to introduce lighting control within two corporate hospitality boxes that had been converted into a single box. The existing wiring had to be used as flexibility in switching and lighting control was required.
With all projects of this type, a budget had to be observed. Review of traditional lighting control systems demonstrated that while the required functionality could be achieved, all the options were significantly over budget.
Within the two combined boxes, there are 18 LED downlights, 9 in each previous box.
To achieve the required functionality, within the budget, groups of 3 LED downlights were linked with a Casambi wireless module, 6 Casambi wireless modules in total. In addition 2 wireless switch plates were installed.
The installation of wireless technology has the key benefit of not requiring additional wiring which also means a significant reduction in installation time.
The wireless controls now enables functionality to be controlled from the switch plates or from an iPhone or iPad. Even the switch plate can be used in any location. The LED downlights can be dimmed in groups of 3, or any combination of 3, thereby providing superior control when compared to traditional hard wired systems.
Importantly, the client was impressed with the wireless system and is now considering further applications.
SMART technology is not always the solution, however it should form an integral element of lighting reviews.