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Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge


The  NAS are on a mission to achieve their goal of getting 100 Members to take part in #NAS100CharityChallenge

The idea is simple - help a local good cause or national charity by volunteering some time, or raising some money to #makeadifference.  Members Triplar and Barnwood  have already signed up and plans made to do just that.

Dave Carpenter and his fellow Directors of Barnwood are sponsoring the prizes and organised a NAS Centenary Golf Day on 14th June at Gloucester Golf Club.  They are inviting other Members and Associates to participate and help them raise money for local good causes close to their Head Office.  

Triplar's staff  will be taking up the challenge from 10th June, to cycle 10000 miles over 10 days to their office in Prague, stopping in  along the way in Brussels and Germany to visit their clients - all being done from their Head Office Meeting room in Wellingborough on 2 static Wattbikes!  They are looking to family, firends and colleagues to sponsor them and will be donating to CRASH.

You can see more on these amazing efforts to support the initiative by clicking on their logos  when you look in the Centenary section of the website 'Who's takeing part'.  For further inspiration on what could be done download the A-Z of Fundraising